Tony Tony
Jun 30

It seems we’re having some issues with our registration provider, so you may not be able to buy tickets right now. We’re working to resolve the problem.

Tony Tony
Jun 28

We’re in the home stretch now for Go Play NW 2011. We’ve had  a real rush of people signing up the last two weeks. So many that we’ve added another room to the convention! A lot of the people signing up are new to Go Play NW. Welcome!
By now a lot of people, new and old, are starting to wonder “what do I do next”?
First, I strongly advise you to sign up for the forums. That’s where a lot of the talking and planning happens leading up to Go Play.
Second, visit the game scheduling forum and see what interests you.
But don’t think that the scheduled games are the whole thing. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see lots of pickup gaming as well. Visit the Brainstorming Forum and see what some people are talking about playing to get an early taste.
Finally, come to the con ready to play and have fun! See you there!

Tony Tony
Jun 19

We’re in the home stretch now, I promise. We’ve had a big surge in sign-ups this week as the fence sitters make up their minds. We’ve now broken 90 registered attendees for Go Play NW 2011!
Also, if you’re looking to share accommodation or transportation for Go Play NW 2011, be sure to visit the forums. There are plenty of good folks on there who are willing to help out.

Jun 13

Hey, just a reminder that today is the last day to order the sweet cosmo-monkey-king-sasquatch T-shirt for this year’s Go Play NW! We do not ship the shirts, you must register for Go Play NW 2011 and attend to pick your shirt up.
You’ve forgotten what the design looks like? Check out the Go Play NW 2011 T-Shirt post. No, wait, I’ll just remind you:

2011 Go Play NW T-Shirt Design

See? You totally want to be rocking that.

Tony Tony
Jun 08

I was talking to the Sasquatch yesterday over beers and he suggested that “someone” should write a post about game scheduling.
If you’ve visited the forums, you’ve probably already seen that there’s a brainstorming forum and a scheduling forum, and you may be wondering “do I need to schedule my games now? Am I missing out if I don’t?”
Rest assured that many (in fact most) of the games at Go Play NW are put together on the spot. It’s quite easy to have a fun con without singing up to run or play in any games ahead of time. That said, if you happen to see a game you just know you’re going to enjoy, or if you have something you’re itching to run, go ahead and get on the schedule. It’s nice to have some things decided ahead of time.
On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to be tied down. Throughout the weekend, GMs and facilitators will be putting games up on the schedule board looking for people to play. Leaving some slots open means you’ll be able to join these games when the fancy takes you. Even better, bring your favorite game along and offer to run it whenever you want.
Finally, there’s the Pickup Donut. The donut is a way for people who are looking for a pickup game or who haven’t decided what they want to do to get together in a group and do some gaming. We’ll be running this every round of the con.
But really, the best way to have fun at Go Play NW is to come with an open mind prepared to make friends and have fun. With that attitude, you’ll never fail.