Tony Tony
May 21

It’s time for a quick update on Go Play NW deadlines. June 7th is the deadline for online registrations for Go Play NW 2012. That’s less than three weeks away! This is earlier than we usually make our deadline because our hosts at Seattle U want our official attendee and overnight guest lists on June 8th. If you want an overnight room, you must register online before the 8th. Early registrations are also appreciated, as they make it easier for us to plan and fund Go Play NW.
We will be taking registrations at the door; however, if the event fills up then there will be only a limited number of tickets available!

Tony Tony
May 19

What are the accommodations like?
We’re only a month and a half from Go Play NW! It’s hard to believe its right around the corner.
There have been some questions about the on-campus accommodations available with tickets this year. Hopefully this post will answer them. There are single and double rooms available. They are typical college dorm type rooms. You can specify your roommate for a double when you buy your ticket, or trust to the luck of the draw.
Linens: There will be bed linens, blankets, and towels provided.
Internet Access: Wifi and Ethernet available free for guests
Parking: Parking is free for guests. You will need to pick up a pass at the event.
Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any Seattle U buildings
Please let us know if you have any questions not covered by this post.
UPDATE Hey, I forgot to add that vouchers for breakfast and lunch are included with the room! Kind of makes it an even better deal, doesn’t it!