Philip Philip
May 31

Last year during the event, we had a few people inquiring about staying over an additional night in the dorms so that they could leave on Monday. This year we’ve had some interest in that as well. So we’ve checked with Seattle University, and learned that guests will be able to stay over on Sunday night if they’re booking rooms in advance.
You will need to send us the additional night’s fee—$35 for a shared room, or $47 for a single room—directly through PayPal to, as we’re not adding it as an official registration option this year. And you need to do so by Thursday, June 6, as we have to submit the list of on-campus guests on Friday June 7.
I know this is pretty late notice for many of you who’ve already made your plans, and I apologize for that. Let us know in the comments if you’d be interested in this in the future, and we may be able to work it in as an official registration option next year.

Tony Tony
May 30

We are getting closer and closer to Go Play NW 2013, and there are some important deadlines right around the corner.
Thursday June 6th is the last day for room rentals and T-shirts! If you do not buy your tickets by this day, you will not be able to rent an on-campus room or order a T-shirt. We are fortunate to be able to offer on-campus housing at an incredibly reasonable rate in the dorms for attendees, right in the same building where Go Play NW is taking place.
Friday June 21st the game sign-up forums close! Go Play NW always has a mix of scheduled, ad-hoc, and pickup gaming. If you want to pre-schedule a game or sign up for one, go check out the game sign up forum now.
Monday June 24th is the day that we need GMS and facilitators to provide a finalized player list. This is so we can print out accurate lists to post at the con. If there are open slots, players may still join the game at Go Play NW.

Tony Tony
May 28

The game scheduling forums have been opened! Go get your game on!
At Go Play NW, there has always been a mix of prescheduling and pickup gaming, and this year will be no different.
Joining Games: The game scheduling forum is also your place to see what people are running and sign up to play. You don’t have to sign up for games for every slot, or even at all to enjoy the con, but it’s a great way to participate.
Pickup Games and the Donut: There will still be plenty of pickup gaming at Go Play NW. We’ll post a bit more about pickup gaming and the famous donut in the next several days.

Philip Philip
May 24

We’ve been pretty low-key so far this year, but Go Play NW 2013 starts five weeks from today, on Friday June 28, and that means it’s time to crank it up. First up: much to the Sasquatch’s excitement (as always), John’s delivered this year’s t-shirt design. Check it out:
Go Play NW 2013 t-shirt sample
If you haven’t registered yet and want a t-shirt, now’s the time: we must close t-shirt orders on Thursday, June 6, to ensure delivery for the event. Register now!
If you have already registered, you can still order one or more t-shirts from the registration site.
Just remember, you have to be at the con to get your shirtWe do not ship them. At all.
Oh, and one more thing: if you’re on Google+, you might have noticed that we gave a sneak preview of the t-shirt design yesterday, just because we were so excited to start letting people know. And that reminded us that we didn’t yet have a community on Google+, so we made one: Go Play NW on Google+. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, but this site remains our home, so check back here for more updates soon!

Tony Tony
May 23

Here’s our game slot schedule for this year.
5pm: doors open
6-8 pm: Friday Night Feast.
8pm-Midnight: FRI01 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SAT01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: SAT02 gaming slot (4 hours)
5-8pm: Dinner
8pm-Midnight: SAT03 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SUN01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: SUN02 gaming slot (3 hours)
4-4:30pm: break
4:30-8:30pm: SUN03 gaming slot (4 hours)

Tony Tony
May 21

I was walking by the Sasquatch’s cave this morning when instead of the usual snoring I heard growls and the rolling of dice. That means Go Play NW must be near! We’re going to up game schedule soon and start posting more information about this year’s con. See you soon!