Tony Tony
Jun 27

Once again, Sunday at Go Play NW is (unofficial) tie day. Bring your coolest tie!

Philip Philip
Jun 25


Check-in for rooms at Campion Tower/Hall opens at 1 PM on Friday.

The event officially begins at 5 pm on Friday!

See the full Game Slot Schedule for 2013.


The convention is being held at Seattle University’s Campion Tower Residence Hall*, 914 East Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA 98122. For full travel directions, see the following link: Seattle U: Travel Information for Campion Hall Guests

*They’re not very consistent about what they call it. The full name is “Campion Tower Residence Hall”, but it’s referred to variously as Campion Tower OR Campion Hall. Same place.

And here’s a campus map to help you get around.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the weather is nice, the FRIDAY NIGHT FEAST will be held in the main quad of the unviersity, two blocks north of the residence hall. Maps and directions will be available at the front desk of Campion Hall.


Parking is included for all registered attendees at the Cherry Street Garage, located at 11th and E. Cherry Street on the south side of the street. (Note: this is called the Murphy Garage on the campus map, parking area P4.) You can park first, but will need to pick up a permit at the front desk of Campion Tower when you check in.

(for all attendees, both commuters and on-campus guests)

Check-in is at the front desk of Campion Tower. You will receive your Go Play NW badge, meal card, parking permit if needed, and your room key if you’re staying on campus.


Registered attendees will receive a meal plan card, pre-paid with enough points for lunch each day you are registered. If you are staying on campus as a guest, you also get breakfast each day. Meals are in the main campus cafeteria in the Student Center.


Just a reminder:
Linens: There will be bed linens, blankets, and towels provided.
Internet Access: Wifi and Ethernet are available free for guests.
Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any Seattle U buildings.

See also our earlier post More Info about On-Campus Housing.


The reason we’re all here! If you missed it, check out our post on Pickup Gaming at Go Play. Can’t wait to see all of you on Friday!

Tony Tony
Jun 20

Hi everybody, just a quick reminder that game scheduling will close on Friday! We could use a few more games on the schedule, so if you’re dithering, now is the time to add it!
GM’s, once your game is full or scheduling is closed, you should go into your post and give us a definitive list of attendees so we can make signs for the con.
Also, registration closes on Monday, June 24th at 6pm PST. See you at Go Play!

Tony Tony
Jun 14

We always strive to have a mix of casual and organized gaming at the con, so pickup gaming has always been a big part of Go Play NW. If you’ve never been before, you might be wondering how that works. Here’s a quick primer.
Scheduled Pickup Gaming: At Go Play there will be a scheduling wall with games posted. Blank sheets will be available for people to post throughout the weekend. The wall will include the pre-scheduled games that are already going up in the Game Scheduling Forum. If you want to facilitate a game, this is the place to post it and get people to sign up for it.
The Donut: Before each gaming session, we’ll have a quick self-organizing session called “the donut”. The goal of the donut is to help groups of gamers get together and play. Come to the donut with an open mind and/or a game to offer!
The Lottery: Back again this year in the SAT02 slot is the game lottery, a gaming adventure not to be denied! See this forum post for more information.
The most important thing in making Go Play work is to come with a positive attitude. Some people like to schedule most of their games ahead of the con. Some people leave their whole schedule open. A lot of people do a little of both to suit their inclination.
And here’s a great post with more details on the donut and the lottery: Ars Ludi: Lottery and Pickup Donut

Philip Philip
Jun 03

In case you missed our posts late last week, here are some important reminders:

Finally, although the on-campus housing registration closes on Thursday, registration for the weekend itself will stay open for another couple weeks. We’ll need to know by Monday June 24 if you’re attending on Friday evening, so that we can give accurate numbers to the caterers for the Friday Night Feast.

Tony Tony
Jun 02

Some useful information about staying on campus at Go Play:
Check-in begins at 1pm on Friday. Your badge and information should be available at the front desk of Campion Hall.
Check out time is 10am. The front desk will happily store you luggage for you while you hang out and game on Sunday.
Room amenities include desk and chair, sink, towels, and soap.
Wireless and high-speed internet are available.
Showers and bathrooms are shared.
Lunch and breakfast are included in the room price.
All this and more information is available via the Conference Guests on-Campus Living Guide.