Apr 05

Dear friends,
You may have noticed that prices for this year’s Go Play NW are higher than past years. In fact, this year is the largest price increase that Go Play NW has ever had.
Go Play NW is a non-profit organization. The organizers and staff are not paid. Every year we work hard to keep prices low so that more people can enjoy the convention without it being a financial burden. But over the past several years, our costs have gone up significantly. Unfortunately, our prices have not kept pace, and last year Go Play NW operated at a loss. This is not a practice we can continue.
Our new prices represent a level that makes Go Play NW sustainable, and ensures we have funds to cover unexpected expenses and our down payment for next year’s convention. We think our new prices are still a great value with meals included and inexpensive options for overnight rooms.
In order to help make Go Play NW an option for more people, we’ve also added a donation option to the Go Play NW tickets page. Funds collected this way will help defray our venue costs for next year, which will help us keep the ticket costs down.
We’re looking forward to a great Go Play NW this year. See you in July!
The Go Play NW Team

Philip Philip
Apr 05

Great news, everybody! Registration for Go Play NW 2018 is now open at our Eventbee page.
Like last year, we are opening the event on Friday afternoon, with check-in and rooms available starting at 1 PM, and an afternoon game slot at 2 PM. And we are again holding the Go Play NW Feast, an informal catered meal gathering, on Saturday night.
Dorm rooms are available for overnight stays on the Seattle U campus for a very reasonable price, with options for an additional evening’s stay if you’re traveling out on Monday. An important note: Seattle U has informed us they have limited rooms available: 42 double-occupancy rooms and just 9 single-occupancy rooms. Of course we can and will use double-occupancy rooms for single occupancy reservations, but this would be a good year to consider finding a roommate if you want to be sure of a bed on site.
All ticket options include a meal card for lunch in the campus cafeteria; overnight stays include breakfast as well as lunch.
You can also order the official Go Play NW 2018 shirt, designed as always by John Harper, on the registration page. All shirts must be picked up at the event; we do not ship shirts.
So go register now! We’ll see you in July!

Tony Tony
Apr 04

Things have been quiet here, we know, but the Go Play NW team has been working hard behind the scenes to plan for this year. We’re looking forward to a great Go Play NW!