Tony Tony
May 22

Every year we have some new people join our community, and even old hands sometimes have questions.
Our focus at Go Play NW is getting together to make friends and play games. That’s why Go Play NW always has a mix of pre-scheduled games and loosely organized pickup gaming. Scheduled gaming is organized through the forums. In a couple of weeks, we’ll open up scheduling forums where anyone can offer games and sign up to play.
Pick-up play is organized in two ways. First, there will be a table where facilitators can post games at any time during the con. Participants can then sign up to join those games. There will also be a short pre-slot pickup session before each gaming block for people who haven’t signed up for anything in that slot.
At Go Play NW, everyone makes the fun together. Thing about brining a game or two that you can facilitate or run, even if you don’t schedule it ahead of time. If you’re planning on doing some pick-up gaming, come ready to try something new.
See you in June!

Tony Tony
Mar 09

Good news everyone, registration is open for Go Play NW 2015.
Better news, thanks to the success of Go Play NW, we’ve been able to keep most of our prices the same as last year! The only exception is the one-day ticket, which costs $5 more.
Ticket options for Go Play NW include the Friday Night Feast, an informal meal gathering and one slot of gaming on the Friday night before Go Play. There are also dorm rooms available for overnight stays on the Seattle U Campus for a very reasonable price. You can also request an additional evening’s stay if you’re traveling out on Monday and don’t want to cut your gaming short.
Register at Eventbee:

Tony Tony
Feb 02

Hi everyone. Good news, we have our dates finalized for Go Play NW 2015! We will be at Seattle University from June 26-28. Once again we will be in the Casey building, the same location as last year. Dorm rooms will be available for rental for the weekend. See you in Seattle in June! Watch this space for more news!

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