Arkham Horror: Machinations Through Time (Massively Multiplayer Mode)

Date: Jul 7, 2023 7:00 pm
I've never gotten to play one of these event scenarios in their convention format, so I'd love to do that with you folks!

I'm proposing the most recent such scenario, "Machinations Through Time," where we will play with 3 teams affecting the past, present, and future of Arkham at the same time! The game has a proposed 180 minutes time limit in this, which fits nicely into a con slot. (Each of the three groups plays at their own pace in this mode.)

What will you provide? Yourself and *preferably* a deck to play with that you are excited to play.

I will provide: The 3 copies of the scenario required to play in this mode and three sets of chaos tokens (I only have one set of blessed curse tokens and they are in coin capsules, as one of my token sets will be). (If you want to play blessed/cursed cards, we should talk!)

But what if I haven't played before? This is probably a complicated way to learn the game, so ideally you have played before. If you're willing to do a little reading yourself beforehand, I do have the 5 starter decks on standby.

If we have a less than 4 players, we can do standalone mode, but this will work with a the minimum of 3 folks.

We will want to do at least a little coordination beforehand if possible. Please have a couple of investigator decks in mind, since everyone needs to be a unique character!
GM/Facilitator: Clayton Grey
Category: Board/Card Game
Duration: 4 hours
Spaces: 12
Minimum Players: 3
Game Tags: boardgame; pulp adventure/horror
System & Mechanics: Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Content Warnings: Lovecraftian horror; pulp violence
Safety Tools:

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