Dresden Files - Rotten Bonds

Date: Oct 28, 2023 2:00 pm
When a wealthy businessman ships priceless Egyptian artifacts, including the newly discovered mummified remains of King Djoser, to a Museum in Niagara Falls, it attracts all the wrong attention. Amid political scandal and a surge of tourism a practitioner of magic turned cat burglar, a warden of the grey council tempted by the city's reputation for romance, an inhuman creature of magic, and of course, the immortal mummy, will vie for the upper hand amid competing interests, jealously guarded by each player taking the role of a main character in the event. One person will be able to play a central character from the Dresden series if we get five players! Either way, in the name of profit, or burning the city to the ground, a new Legend of the Mummy's Curse will be written in the Book of Life.
GM/Facilitator: GoldenH
Category: RPG
Duration: 4 hours
Spaces: 6
Minimum Players: 2
Game Tags:
System & Mechanics: Fate 3 (not accelerated)
Content Warnings: Violence/Death, Player vs Player, Horror.
Safety Tools: X-card

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