Fall of Magic--Revised edition

Date: Jul 8, 2023 1:30 pm
Magic is dying, and the Magus is dying with it. We travel together to the realm of Umbra, where magic was born...
What you can expect:
Fall of Magic is a rules-light, loosely structured role-playing game with scenes played across a beautiful map screen-printed on a scroll. I have loved playing it for years, but haven't gotten the chance to play the revised version yet! I'm hoping I get the chance.
I really love to encourage players to get weird and dig deep into this game. I think it has the potential to facilitate a really wide range of play and storytelling experiences, from meditative to comedic to poignant. Will you join me on this journey?
(A note on the timing of this game: We'll be starting about 15min late because I have to run The Lottery at the beginning of the slot. We can discuss at the table if we want to run a bit late to compensate.)
GM/Facilitator: E.T.
Category: RPG
Duration: 4 hours
Spaces: 5
Minimum Players: 2
Game Tags:
System & Mechanics: Fall of Magic
Content Warnings:
Safety Tools: Palette,X-card,Other

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