Date: Oct 2, 2022 11:00 am
This Featured Facilitator game is a two-for-one deal! Connie will be running two, 90-minute games: The Witch is Dead AND Honey Heist. Double the trouble; double the fun. Get hype by checking the out below:

The Witch is Dead: You are a magical woodland creature, and your beautiful witch mistress has been killed, and you are about to set out on a murder-revenge adventure in the human lands. Comes with a spell list, a means of generating plots and adversaries, and a drawing of a cute fox that's just mauled someone. (See accompanying picture.)

Honey Heist: Humans, in their awful loud machines, have stolen the Queen from Ursa Woods -- home to all bearkind! Without the Queen, the Honey Tree can't make more honey, and all of you bears will go hungry. As Ursa Woods' best and brightest bears, you've been chosen by the Council of Elder Bears (ooh, aah) to STEAL THE QUEEN BACK. There are just three problems... your plan requires complex and intricate timing. The Queen is held in a sterile techno-apiary in the heart of Human City. And you're goddamn bears.
GM/Facilitator: Connie Chang
Category: RPG
Duration: 4 hours
Spaces: 5
Minimum Players: 2
Game Tags:
System & Mechanics: The Witch is Dead AND Honey Heist
Content Warnings: For "The Witch Is Dead": potential eye gore (the familiars must take the Witch Hunter's eyes -- but this can be changed to be a different body part!), R-rated violence, violence against small animals (specifically your characters as familiars), verbal abuse against small animals. For "Honey Heist": detailed descriptions of food (specifically honey, but other foodstuffs too), the injustices of capitalism, threat of imprisonment and being jailed, violence against animals (specifically your characters as bears), bees
Safety Tools: X-card,Lines and Veils,Other

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