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Jun 04
One Last Job: Werewolves in Space 🎴


June 4, 2022    
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm


A Playset for One Last Job where you are aboard a generation ship. Destination: the stars. Humanity has forgotten everything about Earth, having never seen a real forest or a real sky, but flying through this uncharted nebula they begin to dream of them. Of hunting game with tooth and claw. Of running on four legs, growing coats of fur and long, wet snouts.

Despite having regressed to superstitious cavemen your ship keeps you alive, providing everything you need. But soon you need something you never dreamed before, and meet something your ancestors always dreamed of but never found.

This playset explores what werewolves are like now that all that alpha-wolf pack leader stuff has been scientifically debunked. What IS the werewolf thing? I combine things I like from different werewolf games to come up with a sci-fi thriller that speaks to our souls.


Were – roll to change into something you weren’t before. Grow a tail, or wings, or gills, or eyes in the back of your head.
Identity – roll to change anything recognizable as you into something frightening and alien. Only be seen how you want to be seen.
Potency – roll to become more of what you already are. More fast. More Strong. More cunning. More hungry.
Society – roll to harvest the fruits of society or build communities anew. Renovate and maintain the links that tie us together.
Count – a number that only grows. When it becomes too high your changes follow you out of dreams and leave you irrevocably transformed.


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