The House

Date: Oct 1, 2022 2:00 pm
The House is a video LARP (the first?) where everyone is playing a character on a reality show. You are a narcissist who will have your identity challenged by the other narcissists, as you are all forced to live in the same house for the pleasure of millions of viewers. The entire story is told through in character confessional vlogs with a gossip mechanic. For full immersion I will record the gameplay and post it online.
You can find free rules online here:
GM/Facilitator: Orion Canning
Category: LARP
Duration: 4 hours
Spaces: 5
Minimum Players: 3
Game Tags: GMless,Diceless,Run by Designer
System & Mechanics: The House
Content Warnings:
Safety Tools: X-card,Pause/Retcon/Fade to Black

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