Let's see your photos!

Philip Philip
Jul 05

Did you take any photos at Go Play NW 2012? We’d love to see them!
For those of you who use Flickr, we have a group for Go Play Northwest. Please join and add your photos. Also using tags like GPNW or “Go Play NW 2012” will help us find them.
Also, Adam’s already started a topic for photos in our forums. Post there to let us know where your photos are.

The Afterglow!

Tony Tony
Jul 02

What an awesome Go Play NW!
The Sasquatch was just whispering in my ear to tell everyone that there are two new forum areas you should look at: Afterglow: The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome is a place to talk about this Go Play, what you liked, what you did, and how we can make it better next year!
Also, Afterglow: What we Played is the place to talk about the games youp layed. Post in this forum with the slot and title of the game you played to talk about your game and reconnect with the people you played with.