Arriving at Go Play NW!

Tony Tony
Jun 25

Check in for Go Play NW will be at Campion Hall on the Seattle U Campus at E. James Way. Your badges, WiFi passwords, and T-shirts (if you ordered one) will be at the desk waiting for you. If you have a dorm room, parking is free; otherwise, a parking pass costs $5 per day. You can get a parking pass at the Campion Hall desk, and park in the Murphy Garage off E James Way.
This year’s feast will be at Casey Hall on the patio. The weather is expected to be fabulous.
Gaming will also be in Casey Hall this year. Game scheduling and signup will be on the fifth floor.
Download the GPNW 2015 Event Guide PDF for more information.
See you at Go Play NW!

Sunday is Tie Day at Go Play NW!

Tony Tony
Jun 24

If you’re the sort who occasionally dons a tie, don’t forget to bring your best tie (or other beloved article of fancy clothing) and wow us all with your styles on Sunday!

Oh no! I forgot to register!

Tony Tony
Jun 23

Did you forget to register for Go Play NW? If so, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We can still take registrations by PayPal. Send your funds to through PayPal. A ticket for all three days is $90, Saturday and Sunday only is $60, one day only is $35. This is the best way to make sure you get a ticket.
If you don’t do PayPal, then please email us that you’re coming and when. We’ll add you to the list and make other arrangements for payment.

Important! Game Scheduling will Close on Wed the 24th

Tony Tony
Jun 19

Players and gamemasters, we’ll close game scheduling on Wedneday of next week. There are a bunch of scheduled games open on the game scheduling forum, and we can always use more! I suggest you go check it out, browse the games, offer a game, sign up for a game! See you in a week!

One day to get this sweet shirt!

Tony Tony
Jun 09

Our illustrious artist John Harper has given us a ROUGH DRAFT preview of the shirt, and just in time, because we are closing shirt sales TOMORROW!
Yes, you’ve got 24 hours to order one of these babies before the con. We have women’s cuts available on request.
NOTE: Order it through our event registration page! You can do that as a separate item without registering to attend. However, WE DO NOT SHIP SHIRTS, so you’ll have to make sure you’ve arranged for someone to pick it up for you (and let us know) if you won’t be attending.

Overnight Room Deadline is Today!

Tony Tony
Jun 04

If you want to take advantage of the Campion dorm rooms for Go Play NW, you need to register now!

Game Scheduling is now Open!

Tony Tony
Jun 01

It’s time to start scheduling games for 2015! You can do it in the forums here:
To schedule a game, start a new thread and put the time slot at the front of the subject. That way when people sort the forum alphabetically they’ll see all the game slots in chronological order, like so:
FRI-01 Dungeon World
SAT-01 Blades in the Time of the Cholera
You’ll want to provide all the usual information: how many people you’re looking for, the game system, etc. Putting that info in the thread title is not a bad idea. Coming back and editing your thread title to show how many slots you have left, also a good idea:
SUN-02 Blades in the Time of the Cholera (Blades Hack, 4 players needed)
If you’re not sure you want to commit to a scheduled game, or you just want to kick around ideas, get thee to the Brainstorming Games forum.
If you’re offering to run/facilitate a game, people are going to assume you know the rules really well and have played it before. If you don’t or you haven’t, it’s extremely good karma to say so up front. People will still play, but they won’t show up with false expectations. They may even make the effort to learn the game ahead of time and help you out. Be honest.
Same thing for homebrewed, kitbashed, experimental prototypes: we loves gaming dangerously, and we loves cutting edge playtesting, but we also like making informed decisions. Tell people what they’re signing up for.
A few days before Go Play NW you’ll need to go back into your thread and post a list of who is playing in your game, say whether you still have slots available, etc. That’s the list we’ll print and post on the wall. We’re not going to go through the threads and interpret who’s playing and who isn’t — that’s on you.
The final roster date will be about a week before Go Play.

Slot Schedule for 2015

Tony Tony
Jun 01

Schedule for this year is just like last year:
5pm: doors open
6-8 pm: Friday Night Feast.
8pm-Midnight: FRI01 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SAT01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: SAT02 gaming slot (4 hours)
5-8pm: Dinner
8pm-Midnight: SAT03 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SUN01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: SUN02 gaming slot (3 hours)
4-4:30pm: break
4:30-8:30pm: SUN03 gaming slot (4 hours)