That's a Wrap!

Tony Tony
Jul 12

Go Play NW 2017 has come and gone, and it was a doozy!
Here’s hoping everyone’s going home with some new games, new memories, and new friends. This was our biggest Go Play ever (we seem to be saying that a lot these days), and it was the Go Play NW community that helped make it a success.
Thank you from all the Go Play NW organizers, volunteers, and attendees!
Afterglow forums
And if you’re looking to share some of the fun or reconnect with the people you gamed with this last weekend, head down to the Afterglow: What we Played forum!
We also welcome feedback in our Afterglow: The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome forum.

The Go Play Event Guide

Tony Tony
Jul 06

It’s the 2017 Go Play Event Guide!

Go Play NW Code of Conduct and Policies (version 1.0)

Tony Tony
Jul 06

At Go Play NW, we are blessed by having an amazing community who support us and each other in have a great time hanging out and playing games.
Last year, for the first time, we included a brief code of conduct in our Event Guide. This year we have created a code of conduct and set of policies to help us all function together as a community as Go Play NW grows. We welcome feedback and commentary, as we expect our policies to continue to improve and evolve as we go. Please mail comments to or come up and talk to us at the con.
Go Play NW Code of Conduct and Policies.
The purpose of Go Play NW is to create a space where people can gather together, play games, meet friends, and have fun.
1. Treat those around you with respect and maturity.
It’s you, the Go Play NW community, who make Go Play NW successful. Go Play NW works best when we all show respect for the people around us, strive to communicate clearly inside and outside of games, and act with maturity.
Do not engage in any of the following behaviors at Go Play NW:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination on any basis including gender preference, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, and/or disability
  • Drunkenness or intoxication
  • Physical violence
  • Theft
  • Damage to personal or campus property

2. Always remember that Go Play NW is an inclusive event. We do not allow harassment or discrimination on any grounds.

We do not allow any pattern of behavior which intimidates, alarms, or threatens any person, or which puts them in fear of their safety. This is the opposite of mature, respectful behavior.
Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in:

  • Mediation
  • A verbal warning
  • Ejection from Go Play NW
  • Intervention by Campus Public Safety
  • Contacting local law enforcement

Go Play NW reserves the right to eject any attendee for any reason without refund.
3. If you have a problem at the event, please approach a staff member or volunteer. We are here to support you.
The Go Play NW volunteers and staff are here to support you. Please approach us if you witness or experience any issues at the convention.
Go Play NW volunteers can be identified by their green badges. If you cannot find a staff member or volunteer, you may contact Go Play NW Staff at any time by texting or calling one of the numbers in the event guide.
You may also contact Seattle University Campus Public Safety with any concerns you have regarding facilities, safety, or crime on Seattle University grounds, 24-hours a day at: (206) 296-5990.

Arriving at Go Play NW

Philip Philip
Jul 06

Hey, we’ll have an event guide PDF available later this evening, but here are some of the quick important details now:

  • Check in for Go Play NW will be at Campion Hall on the Seattle University campus. The hall’s address for mapping purpose is 914 E Jefferson Street, but use the (north) entrance through the courtyard off E James Way.
  • Parking is available in the Murphy Garage, accessed by a driveway off E James Way. Parking costs $5 per day; get a pass at the Campion Hall lobby desk.
  • Your badges, WiFi passwords, and T-shirts (if you ordered one) will be at the Campion Hall lobby desk waiting for you.

See you tomorrow at Go Play NW 2017!

Introducing our new Volunteer Coordinator!

Tony Tony
Jul 03

I am very excited to introduce our new volunteer coordinator, Ben Robbins! Ben is the designer of fine games such as Microscope, Kingdom, and Follow. He has also been organizing and facilitating Story Gamer meetups in the Seattle area for years. Go Play NW owes a significant portion of its success to Ben’s efforts in expanding the community and welcoming new members. So welcome, Ben!
In the past, the volunteer coordinator hasn’t really been involved in the organizing of Go Play NW. By bringing on a coordinator earlier in the process, we’re hoping to make things run more smoothly for everyone. Please let us know how we’re doing during the event and after with suggestions or feedback. You can contact us by email at, or by speaking directly to any of the staff.
Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers: past, present, and future. You are part of what makes this weekend awesome.

Pickup Games in Every Slot

admin admin
Jul 01

Don’t see something you want to play in a particular time slot? Never fear! At the start of each game slot, we gather everyone to organize pickup games — the infamous Donut.
Pickup games are a huge part of Go Play NW. Some people spend the whole con never scheduling a game in advance and just join games at the Donut.
If you want to jump in, just be there at the start time for the game slot and you’ll get in a game. We’ll have people combing the corridors to make sure no gamer gets left behind.
Want to facilitate a pickup game? We’d love you to! Just tell the person organizing the donut that you want to run a game and they’ll get you set up.
Happy gaming!