Share your stories in the Afterglow

Tony Tony
Jul 09

The afterglow forum is open!
What games did you play this year? What was the best part of Go Play for you? Any thing the organizers could have done better? Share it in the afterglow:

Attention Gamemasters! How to finalize your games.

Tony Tony
Jul 01

Hey everybody, it’s time for gamemasters to start finalizing scheduled games!
If you have offered a game on the forums, please fill out the Go Play NW 2019 Event form BEFORE WEDNESDAY July 3. (
The online form is new this year, and will make things run a lot more smoothly for scheduled games.
We will be printing final forms for the convention on Wednesday. Having GM’s fill out the details for their events will helps us make sure these are accurate and will save the crew a ton of time and work. You will still be able to make adjustments to the printed sheets at the con.
Thanks for your time and for running a game at Go Play NW!