ping ping
May 10

Archives are cool, and we have a lot of archives. It’s just plain fun to peruse the pictures and all the games that people played. I didn’t know John ran a version of Danger Patrol in 2007. I didn’t know Chris Bennett has podcasted about every GPNW.
But by no means are the archives complete. There’s got to be more out there, especially all the pick-up games. We purposely put the archives in the forums so everyone can add whatever they want. I’m already enjoying the cascading effect: Johnzo remembered a missing In a Wicked Age game from GPNW 2008 which in turn jogged my memory of another missing IAWA game from the same year.

Go Play NW 2009 Poster

I don’t need the archives all the time, but when I want them, I’m glad we have them. Especially right now only a few weeks before the next GPNW, it’s a way to look back at the old games and old GPNWs in between thinking about the games and fun for the next one.
Oh, and in the course of writing this post (I kid you not), I found some pictures of the GPNW 2007 Danger Patrol game. How’s that for kismet?

Sasquatch Sasquatch
May 07

Uggka uggka Gragh GRAuGH. Grunf? Hrrr grugfh arr grack urgh grungh hree grugh?
Grough! Grrrrrrr.

Mar 08

Are you in Brisbane (or heck, anywhere in Australia and open to road trips)? Make a note that Go Play Brisbane is coming up on March 20.
With a name like Go Play Brisbane, what’s not to like? Then again, if we’re Go Play in the far northwest corner of the globe (assuming you believe in that whole dateline thing), and they’re in the far southeast corner, does that make them our mirror universe evil twin or something? Or are we the evil twin? All I know is that someone is secretly left-handed and sporting a goatee…