2024 Crowdfunding

This year, Go Play NW plunged headfirst in to the wild world of crowdfunding, and thanks to the generous support of over 65 backers we raised $15,100 to make Go Play NW a reality!

Thank you so much for your support!

2024 BackerKit Campaign


Abbie, Alexander van Scyoc, Andi, Andy, Andy, Andy Pressman, Arthur Guilford, Brendan, Calvin Golas, Carmen, Caroline Hobbs, Christie R Fremon, Christopher Allen, Clayton Grey, David Fooden, Doug Bartlett, Dylan “ExoByte” Mayo, Harry Lee, Hugh O, J. Walton, Jay Loomis, Jeremy Zimmerman, Joe, Jozy Zim, Karen Twelves, Kari, Kira, Kona, Lexy von Diezmann, Logan Bonner, Luca Beltrami, Lucian Smith, Matt Evans, Matthew, Michelle S, Morgan Stinson, Naomi, Nathan Black, Nathan D Paoletta, Nick Grayson, Nick S, Paul Riddle, Rainbow, Robert Chavez, Soren, Star, Tomes, Tracy O’Brien, Travis “Blackcoat” Young, Jonathan (V2S Games), Weird Bee, Wilhelm Fitzpatrick


Aaron A. Reed, Ben w/ Syth, Brendan and Kat, The Donut, The Go Play NW Community, Knife Bunny Games, Sam G, Sean Nittner, Sidney Icarus - Wax Wings, Tim Hutchings, The Trevor Project

Ba(c)ker's Dozen

Bill, Bill Garrett, Sev

Scholarship Program Sponsorships

Aaron A. Reed, Andy, Bill, Brian, Christie, Clayton Grey, Dylan "ExoByte" Mayo, John Powell, Kari, Kira, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Michelle S, Sam G, Sev, Syth, Tim Hutchings

Go holding a banner saying 'Go Play NW 2024'

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