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We've planned some extra treats this year to make your Hallo-weekend even spookier: we've added an evening gaming session on Sunday and a post-Lobby Con midnight session to kick things off—we’ve got Go Play NW After Dark!

WHEN: 27 OCT - 29 OCT 2023
WHERE: Discord

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Go, chilling and hanging out in the forest!
  • How does Go Play NW Online 2022 work on Discord?

    How does Go Play NW Online Work?

    Wondering what a Discord server is? Got questions about how to schedule a game or sign up for one? We’ll tell you all you need to know to join us for our next online event!

    Learn more about Go Play NW on Discord

  • New on the blog, thank you for 2022!

    Scheduled Games

    Check out all of the games and activities scheduled for Go Play NW by other attendees—like you! If you see a game you'd like to be a part of, sign up now!

    Sign up to play or run a game!

  • A donut with pink frosting and sprinkles.

    The Donut

    If you’ve never been to Go Play NW before, perhaps you’ve been wondering about all this talk about donuts. At Go Play NW, “the Donut” is a pitch circle we hold each game session to help get participants together into some tasty, tasty games.

    Learn more about the Donut

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    Go Play NW runs on volunteers! You help us greet folks when they arrive, get them registered, and help them find their way throughout the event. You also get to work with amazing folks. Our volunteers provide an atmosphere of calm during an otherwise hectic weekend of activities.

    Volunteer at Go Play NW!

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