Hotels and Lodging

While Go Play NW does not have an association with a specific hotel this year, Seattle boasts a wide variety of hotels suitable for a weekend stay. Sadly, the neighborhood our venue is located in (Beacon Hill) does not have any within it. Fortunately, however, the venue is right next to the Beacon Hill transit center, and so accessible to any hotel on or near the Link Light Rail.

We have compiled a list of places to stay within a half mile of the light rail and a few fun ones further afield. Many also choose to stay in an airbnb, and we encourage folks to find and coordinate shared lodging over our Discord, if desired.

Our list is organized by neighborhood and ascending distance to the venue via the light rail.

On the light rail

Farther afield

On the light rail

International District/Chinatown

A great place to stay if you’re on a budget and don’t mind roughing it a bit. There are a few hostels here and a lot of fun food and activity options for when you’re not at the convention. The ID sports one of the more diverse late-night eating and entertainment rosters of Seattle’s neighborhoods, but it can be a little loud and rowdy close to the fun.

  • Hostelling International Seattle at the American Hotel: A basic hostel for those on a budget; very close to International District/Chinatown Station and one of the closer options to the venue. No air conditioning, but all rooms are provided with fans.
  • Panama Hotel and Tea House: Booked, oddly, though Airbnb; a historic teahouse and Japanese bathhouse, located close to the station. Another good place to stay on a budget, but the baths are gendered and shared; there is no air conditioning; and the building is old!


Downtown and Belltown have a diverse array of lodging options, including the most deluxe options on our list. The neighborhood has many bars and some of Seattle’s trendier eating options, but, like the ID, can feel a little crowded and loud at most times of day. This neighborhood has the best access to public transit and some of the better maintained/flatter sidewalks in Seattle.

  • Mayflower Park Hotel: Pricey but around the corner from Westlake Station.
  • Kasa The Oxford Seattle: Three-night minimum, a bit pricey but offers options for kitchen/multi-person stay. A half-mile walk to the station.
  • PaliHotel: Still spendy, but much less so; a half-mile walk to the station.
  • Hotel Five - A Staypineapple Hotel: One of a chain of small hotels; a half-mile walk to the station.
  • Hotel Max: Very close to the station; mid-line prices for downtown.
  • The Moore: A wide price range for rooms available, from European-style rooms with a bathroom in the hall to suites. It is located above the historic concert venue. A note to the wise: this hotel does not have air conditioning. Also about a half-mile walk to the station.
  • Green Tortoise Hostel: The least luxe and cheapest of the options, but close to the station; a wide range of accommodations is available. Rooms do not have air conditioning, but a fan is provided for each bed.

Capitol Hill

“Trendy” and “gay” describe Capitol Hill. This used to be Go Play NW’s stomping grounds, so if you want a taste of the familiar and some fun new restaurants and brunch spots, Capitol Hill is a great place to stay. It’s also the home of Elliott Bay Books, an excellent (and unionized!) independent bookstore, AND Phoenix Comics and Games, a great, queer-run comic book shop where you can get your hands on some of the games you play at Go Play NW!

  • Sonder The Boylston: A bit more expensive than The ART INN, below, but only a half-mile walk to Capitol Hill Station, with updated rooms in an older building. Features accessible rooms front and center.
  • Silver Cloud Hotel - Seattle Broadway: Not the cheapest option, but it is located very close to some fun things and right next to the First Hill Streetcar running between Capitol Hill Station and International District/Chinatown Station (or a half-mile walk to Capitol Hill Station).

University District

The U District is a little further away from our venue, but if you want to get some bubble tea on your way to the convention, you should definitely stay here. The hotels we’ve highlighted are all fairly close to some of the University of Washington’s stellar museums. If you’re interested in late-night shawarma and H-mart visits, and you don’t mind post-concert crowds, the U is for you.

  • College Inn Hotel: Recently remodeled, but in a historic building. Features a wide array of rooms, including European-style rooms with shared baths. A half-mile walk to U District Station.
  • University Inn - A Staypineapple Hotel: The more affordable of two closely located hotels from the Staypineapple chain. Located close to the station.
  • Graduate Seattle: By far the most fun option in the University District, this hotel costs a bit more, but has a cool bar on the top floor, The Mountaineering Club, and a quality cafe at the bottom. Right across the street from the station.


The hotels here are much more isolated, but also likely to be much less crowded and a bit more affordable. There are a few restaurants within walking distance, but generally there is not much around them, so the environment is much quieter in comparison to the other neighborhoods on this list. However, the University District and Roosevelt are just a quick trip on the light rail away, and the parking is much more generous than in the neighborhoods above! Best if you’re on a budget and don’t plan on going out too much when you’re away from Go Play NW.

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Northgate: Moderate price; very close to Northgate Station, but far from fun things for the price.
  • Hotel Nexus Seattle: Many accessible, modest rooms. A half-mile walk to the station, but the more affordable of the two Northgate hotels.


Like those in Northgate, the hotels in SeaTac are isolated from the fun nightlife and attractions of Seattle, but they offer the most bang for your buck in terms of amenities and nightly prices. Since Beacon Hill Station is the approximate midpoint of the light rail line, SeaTac is no further from the venue than Northgate via light rail! The parking at these hotels is also likely to be more accessible than most of the venues in Seattle proper and for much less money! If you’re on a budget, and don’t mind the schlep, staying in SeaTac is something to consider.

  • Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center: Easily one of the nicest and best-supported hotels on the SeaTac list, it is also the most expensive per night and the closest to the light rail station. A good fit if you’re interested in quiet away from the convention or you have particular needs as a traveler and don’t mind paying.
  • SureStay Hotel By Best Western: An affordable mid-range hotel very close to the light rail and a free shuttle-ride away from the airport.There’s not much to say about this one!
  • Rodeway Inn: Easily one of the most affordable hotels listed with some rooms at less than $100/night. This hotel does allow smoking in some of its rooms, so please be advised when you make your reservation! It is only a short walk from the light rail, and like most hotels in SeaTac has a free shuttle to and from the airport.
  • Seatac Inn and Airport Parking: A bit older and quirkier than the hotels above, this modest hotel/motel has rooms under $100/night, parking packages, and a Denny’s next door. If you’re on a budget; you don’t need pretty; and you do want character, consider staying here.

Farther afield (off the beaten track)

These options are not as close to the light rail, but they are of note for their lower room rates and/or whimsy.

Capitol Hill

  • The ART INN Seattle: A moderately priced inn in Capitol Hill close to our old venue, Seattle University. Although it is far from the light rail, it is a half-mile walk from a 20-minute bus ride to the venue on the 60 bus; a good consideration for folks who don’t mind the bus.


The Ballard/Fremont area is, counterintuitively, the farthest by public transit from our venue; it is also one of the more difficult areas to find parking in the city. That said, these neighborhoods are some of the most fun and vibrant places to stay, with nightlife, coffee shops, and public parks aplenty. The Theo Chocolate factory is also located a quick bike ride away on the Burke-Gilman Trail. If you want to explore Seattle like a Seattleite, you can rent a bike and bike to the light rail from here!

  • Hotel Hotel Hostel: The most expensive and trendiest hostel on this list, also features the most deluxe and private options, located very close to Fremont staples like the Dumpling Tzar. Regular buses a block away connect to the light rail via either the U District (routes 31 or 32 northbound) or Westlake (routes 40 or 62 southbound).
  • Ballard Inn: A small hotel in a 100-year-old remodeled bank featuring a wide range of rooms in a trendy part of Ballard. Transit will take around an hour to Centilia, via either the 44 bus to U District Station or the 40 bus to Westlake Station.

On a budget

There are a number of motels along Aurora Ave for those on a tighter budget, with room rates closer to $150/night. Here are a couple options:

  • Marco Polo Motel: A modest motel within walking distance of Friday Afternoon Tea; about 45 minutes from the venue via either the 5 bus or RapidRide E bus both headed downtown to Westlake Station.
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Seattle: Just north of Greenlake, this 2-star hotel is within a mile of some great restaurants, but far from the venue. It is a five-minute walk to the 45 bus connecting to the light rail at Roosevelt Station.
  • Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle: Another 2-star hotel in Greenlake. Like the Days Inn above, it is within a mile of some great restaurants, but far from the venue. It is also a five-minute walk to the 45 bus connecting to the light rail at Roosevelt Station.

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