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Go Play NW online events are hosted on our community Discord server. If you don't already have a free Discord account, you'll need to create one.

We recommend you create your Discord account before buying your ticket to Go Play NW Online so you can include your Discord username with your ticket.

If you've already registered for Go Play NW Online and don't have a Discord account yet, don't worry! You'll find instructions for adding your Discord username to your profile below.

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Navigating the Discord server

The Go Play NW community Discord server is divided into several areas. Some areas are permenant and open to the the entire GPNW Community and some areas can only be seen by Go Play NW Online attendees during the event.

  • Welcome to Go Play NW!
  • GPNW Community
  • Go Play NW Online!
  • The Donut
  • Game Rooms

Welcome to Go Play NW!

The first group of channels listed at the top of our Discord server provide important information to folks on the server. Most of these channels are permenant and visible to all of the Go Play NW community.

Channel Description
server-rules All Go Play NW attendees and community members are expected to abide by Go Play NW's Code of Conduct and server rules. Please read and familiarize yourself with these rules.
announcements Go Play NW Staff and Volunteers will post important information and updates to this channel throughout th event. Make sure to keep an eye on it!
#🎫-help-desk Need help navigating the server, getting checked-in, or just need to ask some questions? Hop over to our Help Desk and create a ticket. See Getting Help for more information.
#🚨-safety-advocates Only available during Go Play NW Online, this channel provides attendees with a private and direct way to contact our Safety Advocates to escalate immediate safety needs throughout the weekend. Go Play NW community members and attendees may always submit safety concerns directly to our Community Management Committee (including outside of event weekends) at
#πŸ”—-key-links A collection of links to important information or resources for the Go Play NW attendes and larger community.

GPNW Community

This permenant area is open to everyone in the Go Play NW community, including folks not attending Go Play NW Online. Feel free to explore, chat, post some pictures of your furry friends in #🐈pet-zone, or promote your own cool projects in #πŸ’«shameless-self-promotion.

Go Play NW Online!


Channel Description
βœ…-event-check-in Our automated virtual check-in desk is your first stop to everything Go Play NW Online has to offer! If your Discord username is linked to a profile on our guest list, all you have to do is click "Check in!" and you're off to your Go Play NW adventure!
πŸŽ‰-attendee-hangout A private hangout space just for Go Play NW Online attendees. This is a great place to chat and share thoughts with other attendees.
Hangout Tables Looking for a more casual face-to-face chat, hang out at one of our four video Hangout Channels. These are a popular place for folks inbetween game sessions.

The Donut

We have an dedicated guide that explains how the Donut, our pick-up game pitch circle, works for Go Play NW Online.

Channel Description
🍩-donut-official Go Play NW staff, volunteers, and game facilitators post critical information about the Donut, including summaries and sign-up list for the games pitched for that donut.
πŸ’¬-donut-chatter A place to share your enthusiasm for the games being pitched or to ask questions and get help from our Donut Assistants. You can only post to this channel during the Donut.
Donut Stage <== Should we rename this "Donut pitch circle?"
βž• Create Game Room Once our Donut game facilitators have pitched their games, they'll create a private game room for their players to join. See our guide The Donut (Online) for more information on how to create and manage your private game rooms.

Learn more at The Donut (Online)

Game Rooms

While this section is usually permenant and available to everyone, during Go Play NW Online this area of the server hosts the game rooms for all of our Scheduled Games.

Channel Description
πŸ“…-scheduled-games Provides a handy link to the current list of Scheduled Games for the weekend.
Game Rooms A dedicated video and audio chat channel will be created for the weekend. To find your game, look for your game's session followed by your game's title (e.g. SAT01-Kids on Brooms).

Getting Help

Safety and Support


Dice Roller

How to use Dicecord


How do I add my Discord username to my profile?

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