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The generous support of our event and staff volunteers is what makes Go Play NW possible! Volunteering is a great way to meet new people or strengthen your connection to an event you love. Come and join us!

Want a free badge to Go Play NW? Volunteers signed up for 8 or more hours at a Go Play NW in-person event get a complimentary badge for the whole weekend!

Volunteer roles

Here's all the work we do. If you're ready to engage with our community, consider one of these roles!

Registration Table
(In-person only)
If you want to be part of the Go Play NW central hub, join the Registration team! Those stationed here help attendees acquire their badge, sign up for scheduled games, and find their way around. This is a great role for patient and kind Volunteers who like to be in the thick of things.

Scheduled Games Table Host
(In-person only)
If you like paying matchmaker, you’ll make a great Table Host for our Scheduled Games Table. In this role, you’ll help Go Play NW attendees submit and sign up for scheduled games during the convention. Scheduled Games Table Hosts also keep the Scheduled Games Table clean and organized.

(In-person only)
Some folks like being the person behind the curtain. If that's you, facilities may be the perfect fit. Those working Setup or Breakdown will help Go Play NW by building or dismantling stanchions, putting up or taking down signage, and loading or unloading chairs, tables, or equipment, as needed. Don’t worry if heavy lifting is not for you, there are also plenty of opportunities for fine or light work in this role.

Vaccination Station
(In-person only)
Help Go Play NW support public health! Vaccination Station volunteers form an essential link in Go Play NW’s efforts to keep our community safe from COVID-19. In this volunteer role, you’ll check attendees vaccination status as they enter the convention to make sure they adhere to our COVID-19 vaccination requirements. You’ll also hook people up with masks and provide rapid at-home antigen tests to those who need them.

Friendly Faces
(In-person and online)
If you’d like to share your excitement about Go Play NW, become a Friendly Face! Our Friendly Faces welcome and orient attendees as they enter the convention, answer their questions (or connect them to staff for more assistance), and help them feel comfortable. A Friendly Face is often an attendee’s first point of contact with convention staff, and helps set the tone for the weekend.

Donut Assistant
(In-person and online)
Running the Donut can be tough! That's where our Donut Assistants come in. In this role, you’ll help keep the Donut on track by facilitating communication between our Go Play NW attendees and our Donut MCs. You might take headcounts, answer questions, move A/V equipment, and relay information between the Donut MC and the Donut’s participants.

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Go Play NW is committed to cultivating a culture of respect, support, and kindness at both our in-person and online events. We ask that all of our attendees agree to abide by our Code of Conduct; please take a moment to read it before answering yes below.

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