About Go Play NW

Our Mission

Go Play NW is an annual weekend event where folks come together to play tabletop games, including roleplaying, story, board, and card games.

Meet new people! Play new games!


Go Play NW was founded in 2007 to promote and foster role-playing/story games. For that purpose we brought together long-time role-playing-game hobbyists, game designers, and also people new to gaming for a weekend of gaming fun and fellowship in Seattle. The event was such a great success that even before it was over, it was obvious we’d be holding another one.

Gaming at Go Play NW

Go Play NW events feature a mix of scheduled and ad-hoc gaming. Many players do both, though some prefer one over the other.

We rely heavily on our community to bring the fun for everyone. If you’re comfortable facilitating games, we suggest you bring one or two to share. Board games, casual games, and short games are welcome. If you’ve never run a game at a con before, let us know. Go Play NW is a great place to run your first game. We’ll help however we can.

If you’re a game designer, we also have a vibrant playtest community. Just be clear that your game is a playtest so people know what to expect.

About our organization

Go Play NW is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Washington.

For additional information, please contact us!

Photo by Philip LaRose, 2023

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