About Go Play NW

Our Mission

Founded in 2007, Go Play NW started as a weekend of gaming and fellowship for roleplaying and story game players, hobbyists, and designers in Seattle, WA. What started as a small get together of friends has grown into two annual events that brings folks together to play tabletop roleplaying, LARP, story, board, and card games.

Go Play NW events feature a mix of scheduled and ad-hoc gaming all run by attendees just like you, and we have a vibrant playtest community that relishes in the weird and the wonderful. If you want to host a game, we suggest bringing one or two to share!

Meet new people! Play new games!

Our Team

Organizing Committee

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Philip LaRose (he/him)

Board Treasurer & Organizing Committee Chair


Philip is a co-founder and Board member of Go Play NW, and currently leads the Organizing Committee as the liaison between the Board and Go Play NW’s day-to-day operations. He likes to claim this all got started because he joined the Talislanta RPG email list back in 1995, although really it starts even before that... it’s a long story. Philip has lived in Seattle long enough to age into adulthood a second time, but not yet as long as he lived in his native New England. Apart from Go Play NW, Philip is a passionate music fan and long-time KEXP volunteer, and a highly skilled editor.

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E.T. (they/them, he/him, she/her in preference order)

Volunteer Coordinator & Organizing Committee Project Manager

E.T. is Go Play NW’s Volunteer Coordinator and Project Manager for Go Play NW’s Organizing Committee. Based in Seattle, E.T. also supports Big Bad Con as their Games on Demand Coordinator and general organizing helper. E.T. is passionate about increasing accessibility in convention spaces and iterating on the Indie Games on Demand model to meet the needs of different events and audiences. In their remaining time, they bake bread professionally and practice Bak Sil Lum kung fu as well as Sun and Chen style taiji at SHIFT movement studio in Fremont.

Community Management Committee

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Red Stránge (they/them)

Vaccination and COVID-Compliance Supervisor

Red is totally (definitely) an Agender human and not just 4 racoons in a trenchcoat. By day, they play games of the tabletop and video varieties with their two cats Remy & Izabelle. By night Red works in Hospitals, Ambulances, and Bars all over Seattle making sure people are taken care of in any facet they might require! In their down time, Red is an avid cinephile and labor organizer, and they strive to make any space they inhabit a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for folx of all walks of life.

Technology Committee

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Jeremy Tidwell (he/him)

Technology Committee

@jeremy_tidwell companionsaw.org

Jeremy Tidwell is a game player, game designer, software developer, photographer, and general nerd-about-town. He has written Companions, a social fiction about the feelings of time travellers, and has collaborated on several Mage 2nd Edition products for White Wolf. He is quite affable, and occasionally smells of lychee fruit!

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Kona Goodhart (she/her, fae/femme)

Technology Committee

@konahart Darling Bat Games

Kona is an avid ttrpg player, GM, and designer with particular passion for rules-lite games that focus on interpersonal relationships, character arcs, and emotional turmoil; her favorite games are Royal Blood, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, and For the Queen. When she is not playing, she performs enchantments on computers. She loves the color purple, heists, and bats. If you see her, offer to run a game of Blood Heist for her!

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Star West-Morgan (he/him)

Technology Committee


Born and raised in Hawaii, Star took a spin through the continental US for a few years to take in the sights, sounds, and rain of Seattle. More mad scientist than engineer, Star is just technical enough to be dangerous, and it's baffling that anyone still lets him near a computer. When he's not tinkering with Go Play's tech, Star tinkers in game design with games like Wanderlust, Streets of Fire, and upcoming project The Glass of the Crystal Queen.

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Travis Young (he/him)

Technology Committee


Travis a nerd of wide interests. His day job involves kicking websites until he figures out where they're broken, making him a critical member of Go Play NW's Tech Committee, although sometimes we wonder if the things he finds were really broken in the first place or if it was the kicking that did them in. He's based somewhere between Seattle and the Canadian border and wants to assure you that he's definitely not an automaton.

Non-Profit Status

Go Play NW is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Washington. For more information, please contact us.

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