Final tote design for Go Play NW 2024

Apr 4, 2024

We’re thrilled to share the final tote bag design from Sovanny! It’s pretty similar to the previous version but at our request she swapped a couple panels and turned one into an adventure scene to give it all a better balance. We’re very happy with the results, and we believe you will be too!

Illustration on a tote featuring a mix of dice, fantasy scene with a wizard fighting a dragon, a Seattle Space Needle-like board game, board game pieces, and a big furry monster trying to grab a swarm of flying donuts.

Did you miss the tote bag during the campaign? Are you having regrets? Well, good news: the Pledge Manager will open up next week, and the tote bag will be an add-on! (The poster print of Tony’s dungeon map will be another add-on, too!) Please note that we are not shipping any physical rewards—to add either the tote bag or the poster, you must have pledged for a level that includes a badge for you to attend our July event in person.

Were you unable to pledge during our campaign and still hoping to attend the event? Fear not! We’ll also be opening up ticket sales to claim your membership and badge to attend Go Play NW 2024. That’s still a little ways off, probably around the beginning of May, and we’ll have more information for you on that—and on requesting a sponsored badge—soon.

Meanwhile, we also want to remind you that our Online Spring Festival is coming up in one month on May 4 and 5! It’s happening here, free to attend, no registration needed! You can find more info, including the schedule, on our Spring Festival page. We are also looking for some volunteers to help us manage the Spring Festival, including Friendly Faces, Tech Team members, and Donut volunteers. See our Online Spring Festival Volunteer Sign-Up Form for more information and to apply!

Thanks again for all your support through our campaign! We’ll have the BackerKit survey out to you next week and open up the Pledge Manager, and we hope to see you join us at the Online Spring Festival in May!

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