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Go Play NW is committed to better supporting marginalized players and creators in TTRPG spaces. To further this goal, we’re inviting a few professional BIPOC GMs to share their games, work, and storytelling styles by hosting games for our attendees.

Featured Facilitators from past events

Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen

Kevin Thien Vu Long Ngyuen, a young, Vietnamese-American TTRPG writer faces the camera directly with their elbows on the table in front of them and his hands interlocked before their mouth. He wears a considering expression.

Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen (he/they) is a ttrpg writer and designer with a special interest in South-East Asian fantasy and resource management. He’s currently developing a story-forward OSR Vietnamese fantasy ttrpg inspired by Breath of the Wild, Nethack, and the literary works of Neon Yang. You can check out their TTRPGs and other work at his carrd.

Connie Chang

Connie Chang, a queer trans Chinese-American actual play GM and TTRPG designer smiles at the camera. They are wearing fashionable horn-rimmed-style glasses, a bucket hat tied around their shoulders, and a botanically-themed short sleeved button down.

Connie Chang (they/he/she) is a queer and trans Chinese-American actual play GM with a background in screenwriting and poetry. He's currently developing the ashcan of GODKILLER, a holypunk PBtA game, with Magpie Games. Connie has appeared on both NPR and in the New York Times. They excel at threading queer drama with blackhearted apocalyptica, and serves as the Game Master and Creative Producer for Transplanar RPG, an all-transgender, POC-led D&D show. Outside of TTRPGs, Connie is a narrative designer with Bungie. Check out his work on his carrd


Mo, a Latine TTRPG content creator, writer, and sensitivity consultant. They are smiling and looking off to the right of the camera wearing a straw hat, pigtails, and an intricate silver pendant.

Mo (they/she) is a TTRPG content creator, writer, and sensitivity consultant. When they aren't streaming or podcasting or anything else, she is a Caretaker of Huetopia, a Discord for BIPOC people in the TTRPG community, by BIPOC people. Mo is currently co-writing Kids in Capes, a new superhero game with the Kids On... series! You can see more of their work on their carrdhttps://sirenabesos.carrd.co/).

Kaleb Wade

Image Kaleb Wade (they/he) runs the biweekly actual play podcast Creme Demented (https://anchor.fm/creme-demented-actual-plays). They just wrapped their first arc of Heroes of New Halcyon, so now is a great time to get into it. Kaleb also records video game content, edits podcast audio, and sometimes streams TTRPGs.

J.R. Zambrano

Image JR Zambrano (he/him) is an experienced writer, designer, and performer in the indie TTRPG space. He streams games with All Nerds Here (https://www.twitch.tv/allnerdshere) and plays a space priest on a Lancer podcast. You can find his writing in Slayer’s Almanac, Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists, and the upcoming Exquisite Corpse in Maggots’ Keep, as well as at his Bell of Lost Souls author page (https://www.belloflostsouls.net/author/jayarr). Keep an eye out for his upcoming adventure set in Bloodbeam Badlands (https://vidityavoleti.itch.io/bloodbeam-badlands) and some new Let’s Plays!

Rue Dickey

Image Rue Dickey (they/he) is a 2022 Diana Jones Emerging Designer Program nominated game designer, sensitivity reader, and tabletop rpg streamer. They have over 10 years experience running a variety of systems, and started writing and publishing both independent and freelance tabletop writing in 2020. Rue is currently working on writing a Nest for Overisles (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tatteredbear/overisles), a zine for PlusOneExp, and a Background for Ma Nishtana (https://manishtana.itch.io/ma-nishtana-rpg), as well as a number of secret projects he’s not allowed to talk about just yet. They are also thrilled to be doing sensitivity reading for Validate: Struggling Singles in Your Area (https://validategame.com/), coming to Steam and console this fall. (They also crafted this well-phrased bio!) For more of Rue’s work, check out his carrd here: https://ilananight.carrd.co/#work

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