Game Library

Do you have a favorite game you'd love to share with others? Consider (temporarily) loaning it to the Go Play NW Game Library! Don't forget to pick it back up before the weekend wraps up!

How do I loan a game to the library?

If you have a game you would like to loan to the Game Library for the weekend, simply bring it with you to Go Play NW and swing by the Game Library table. Make sure you include some way to identify your game as being yours and speak to Game Library's on-shift volunteer who will request some basic contact information.

Remember to pick up your game!

Please remember to pick up any games you loan to the library before the end of the weekend! Go Play NW does not have space to store games between events, and while we'll do our best to find and contact the owner of any games accidentally left behind, if we can't get in touch with you your game will be donated after the event has ended.

How do I borrow a game from the library?

Go Play NW staffs the library with volunteers throughout the event. If you see a game you'd like to borrow from the library, ask the on-shift volunteer, and they will help you check-out your requested game. You will be required to provide the Game Library volunteer with your name and a way to contact you in case the game's owner needs to pick the game back up before you get a chance to return it.

No-liability Disclaimer

Neither Go Play NW nor El Centro de la Raza is responsible for games left at the Game Library.

While Go Play NW staffs the Game Library with volunteers and checks out/in games loaned to the library throughout the weekend, we cannot guarantee your game won't grow legs and walk away, get lost, or get damaged. Please only loan games to the Game Library if you feel comfortable sharing to a public space with lots of folks milling about.

By loaning your game to the Game Library you agree to not hold Go Play NW its staff or volunteers nor will you hold El Centro de la Raza their staff or volunteers responsible for the any loss or damage your personal property.

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