Go Play NW Online

What is Go Play NW Online?

Sister event to our in-person annual. What started as a temporary solution to support our community during the pandemic has grown into a community staple

Things to do

Go Play NW is all about getting together and playing tabletop games. This means that our attendees At Go Play NW, all of our games are run by our attendees—folks like you! You can either sign up for a game in advance, which we call "scheduled games," or join/run a game on the day of the event by joining our pitch circle, which we call "the Donut."

Lobby Con

Go Play NW Online kicks off Friday night with Lobby Con. Scheduled Games

Scheduled Games

Featured Facilitators

The Donut


Go Play NW Online is a Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) event. We suggest a donation of $12 per day for the event, but you should decide what you can afford based on your personal financial situation. (We offer a free option for a reason!)

Registration for Go Play NW is powered by Eventbrite, but we manage the process directly through our website. Head over to our Register Now! page to get registered and buy your ticket.

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Event schedule

What do I need to participate.

Go Play NW is hosted on our community Discord server using a combination of video, voice, and text chat. At a minimum you'll need a computer with access to the internet

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