Photography and Recording Policy

last updated 2023-03-29

At Go Play NW we do our best to protect the privacy and safety of our attendees, volunteers, and staff. We believe that extends to include protection against being photographed or recorded (audio or video) without your consent. Don’t photograph or record anyone without their explicit consent, including other event attendees, featured facilitators, Go Play NW volunteers, and Go Play NW staff; venue staff and volunteers; or other venue patrons. This policy applies to all attendees of Go Play NW, including event staff designated as official photographers, video recorders, and audio recorders.

For more information on what Go Play NW does with photographs and video recordings or how to submit a photo removal request, please see our full policy below.

Taking photographs and recording at Go Play NW

Go Play NW expects all Go Play NW attendees to ask permission before photographing, filming, or recording other Go Play NW attendees, volunteers, and staff; venue staff and volunteers; or other venue patrons.

Photographing or recording others without their permission is considered harassment and a violation of Go Play NW’s Code of Conduct; if you are discovered doing so, this will result in disciplinary action.

Incidental photography

Go Play NW takes place in a shared, semi-public space. While we expect our guests, volunteers, and staff to request your consent prior to photographing or recording you, there may be instances where incidental photography could occur (e.g., you are in the background of another attendee’s photo.)

Social media and the Internet

In addition to receiving explicit consent before photographing, filming, or recording others at Go Play NW, you must receive explicit consent to post any photographs or recordings anywhere on the internet.

Please ask specific consent for each social media platform you wish to post photographs or recordings to.

Go Play NW official photography and recording

Go Play NW may have designated volunteers taking photographs and/or audio or video recordings. These staff and volunteer photographers will respect attendee preferences. Go Play NW may use these photographs and recordings for promotional and archival purposes. They may be published to the Go Play NW website, included in Go Play NW printed and digital promotional materials, or shared to official Go Play NW social media channels (e.g. Discord, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

Go Play NW Online

Attendees to Go Play NW Online events will be informed if the event will be recorded and/or streamed and asked for a waiver during registration. You are welcome to use your cameras but are not required to do so. You may also choose to use an alternative screen name or photo avatar as long as they do not otherwise conflict with the Go Play NW Code of Conduct.

Do not take or share screenshots of chat messages left by or the camera displays of other Go Play NW attendees without their explicit permission.

When screen sharing, Go Play NW attendees, volunteers, and staff must take care to avoid displaying chat windows associated with the hosting platform. You are responsible for ensuring that any unauthorized recordings are immediately and permanently deleted.

Exception for documenting safety concerns

Safety complaints or concerns submitted to our Safety Team are constrained to a limited audience of Go Play NW staff. Taking a photograph, recording, or screenshot of another Go Play NW attendee, volunteer, or staff member for the explicit purpose of documenting a safety-related issue and shared only with designated Go Play NW Safety Team members will not be considered a violation of this policy.

If you have any safety concerns, please find one of our Safety Advocates or email our Safety Team at

Photography takedown requests

If you see a picture or video containing your likeness on our website or any of our official social media channels (e.g. Discord, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and wish to have it removed, please submit a Photo removal request using our contact us form or by emailing, and we will do our best to have the image removed with urgency.

Go Play NW reserves the right to update this photograpy and recording policy at any time.

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