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To attend Go Play NW, you will need two things: a account, and a ticket.

Get an account

In order to sign up for scheduled games, submit a game to run, or volunteer, you'll need a account.

1. Create a Go Play NW account

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2. Log in to your account

Now that your have your account created, let's get you logged in, so we can link your account to your Eventbrite registration.

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Get a ticket

Buy tickets through Eventbrite

Advance Tickets
(through July 21st)
All weekend $100 Not available
Friday $35 $40
Saturday $40 $45
Sunday $40 $45

Go Play NW uses Eventbrite to handle ticketing for our events. In order to connect your Eventbrite registration to your game schedule for the weekend, we need your permission to link your Go Play NW and Eventbrite accounts.

When linking your Go Play NW account with your Eventbrite account, you will be taken to the Eventbrite website where you will be asked to log in to your Eventbrite account.

Once you're logged in to Eventbrite, you will be asked if you want to allow Go Play NW to access your Eventbrite account.

An example of what the official Eventbrite approval page should look like.

Click "Allow," and you will be brought back to the Go Play NW website so you can complete your ticket purchase.

For more information about what data Go Play NW collects from Eventbrite, please see our Privacy Policy.

Once you've linked your Eventbrite and Go Play NW accounts, Eventbrite will bring you back to the Go Play NW website where you can purchase your ticket to the event.

And that's it! Once you've got your tickets, we'll show you how you can get involved and get the most out of your Go Play NW experience!

GoPlay NW's Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available. Please wait... This message will disappear once it is back.