Go Play NW 2024

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This year we’re kicking off Go Play NW with a crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit! Join the campaign to get your Go Play NW 2024 ticket at early access prices and earn campaign exclusive rewards!

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Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows Go Play NW to increase accessibility by reducing our ticket prices while giving out fun rewards to folks for contributing the extra support we need. It also puts funds into our teams' hands sooner than the usual ticket sales process, helping us cover critical expenses, such as the venue deposit, before the event kicks-off.

What crowdfunding platform is Go Play NW using for the campaign?

The Go Play NW 2024 crowdfunding campaign is being conducted through BackerKit.

What kind of rewards are being offered?

Most pledge levels include membership in Go Play NW for 2024 and attendance at the in-person event running July 26-28, 2024. Additional rewards include:

  • A Go Play NW themed dungeon map designed by artist and Go Play NW board member Tony Dowler in digital and risograph poster formats;
  • A 100% cotton canvas tote bag designed by Sovanny Vorn.
  • Opportunities to have your name listed as an event sponsor on a table, a room, or even as a feature in Tony’s dungeon map!

Will Go Play NW 2024 tickets be available after the campaign is over?

If we still have space available, yes! But, the best way ensure you get a ticket is to join our campaign now!

What happens if the campaign is unsuccessful?

We will sell tickets through our usual process here on GoPlayNW.org, but the ticket price will likely increase.

How do I register to attend Go Play NW 2024?

Go to the crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit and pledge at any level that includes a “Go Play NW 2024 membership” and a “Go Play NW 2024 three-day badge.” When pledges are collected after the campaign ends, we will email your confirmation.

How is Go Play NW continuing to respond to COVID-19?

We continue to take COVID-19 very seriously. All attendees to Go Play NW 2024 will be required to wear masks while indoors and must provide documentation that they are either up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccination or test negative for COVID-19 before arriving at the event. Please see our updated 2024 COVID-19 Policy for our full list of attendee reuqirements, protective measures, recommendations, and COVID-19 refund policy.

How will Go Play NW use the funds?

This crowdfunding campaign will assist Go Play NW with:

  1. Go Play NW 2024 venue and equipment rental fees.
  2. Go Play NW 2024 event expenses, such as COVID safety supplies (masks, tests, and CR boxes), event badges and signage, refreshments, and insurance.
  3. Crowdfunding campaign expenses, such as physical rewards, stretch goals, and fair compensation for our artists.
  4. Annual operating expenses such as licenses, legal, financial, technology services.
  5. BackerKit fees.
  6. Seattle Admissions Taxes.

Additional funds beyond the costs to run Go Play NW 2024 and are used to:

  • Sponsor members who otherwise cannot afford to attend the event.
  • Build up reserves to support next year's events.

Go Play NW is an entirely volunteer-run organization; our board members and staff do not receive financial compensation for their time or effort.

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