Go Play NW 2024 is FUNDED!

That's right! Go Play NW 2024 was successfully funded on BackerKit!

Thank you to all of our amazing backers for supporting our campaign, which helped us raise over $15,000 and unlock 3 stretch goals to make Go Play NW 2024 a success!

Missed the campaign? Don't worry! We'll be opening up regular registration soon!

Go holding a banner saying 'Go Play NW 2024'
  • Scheduled games!

    Scheduled Games

    Check out all of the games and activities scheduled for Go Play NW by other attendees—like you! If you see a game you'd like to be a part of, sign up now! Or Submit a Game you'd like to run!

    Sign up to play or run a game!

  • Photograph of the Donut sign-up table with a sign saying "Meet here for the Donut" and an example of a game pitch.

    The Donut

    If you’ve never been to Go Play NW you're probably wondering what this "donut" thing is all about. Well tap into your adventrous side and strap in for our pitch circle. You never know what you'll be playing until, but we'll make sure you find a spot in whatever weird and wonderful games our other attendees pitch to one another.

    Read more about the Donut

  • Picture of the exterior of Centilia Cultural Center


    We're back at the Centilia Cultural Center!

    Read more about the Centilia Cultural Center

  • COVID-19 at home test kit with stethoscope

    COVID-19 Policy

    Despite society's increasingly lax attitude towards the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to be devestating for members of our community with medical conditions, disabilities, or limited access to medical care. Go Play NW is still taking COVID-19 very seriously in 2024 and have updated our COVID-19 policy to reflect the ongoing changes in access to COVID-19 vaccine boosters and vaccination history.

    Read our 2024 COVID-19 Policiy

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    Go Play NW runs on volunteers! You help us greet folks when they arrive, get them registered, and help them find their way throughout the event. You also get to work with amazing folks. Our volunteers provide an atmosphere of calm during an otherwise hectic weekend.

    Volunteer at Go Play NW

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